1. \’There are really no sources of enduring competitive advantage in human resources or in HR practices. Managers who pursue sustainable advantage through HRM are engaged in a fruitless search.\’ (anonymous) Discuss this contention, using the resource-based view of strategic human resource management as the theoretical basis of your analysis.

Below is part of the rubric;Demonstrated comprehension of the question; identification of theory and content relevant to providing an effective analysis.This criterion includes:1. An effective discussion of relevant theoretical concepts and arguments which demonstrates comprehension and is applied to answering the question.2. Here, depth of analysis and quality of critical analysis/ evaluation is important.3. Quality of evidence/arguments to support the critical discussion.3. Development and articulation of a logical argument which justifies the answer to the question is also important.This criterion includes:1. Degree of clarity and cohesion in the written expression: is the essay organized in a systematic manner? Does the analysis have a clear and logical flow? Are connected points organized in a sequence that makes sense?2. Evidence of editing the analysis for precision, coherent organization and to avoid unnecessary repetition is important too.

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