15 mins Presentation – American Mafia: John Gotti

This task is to make a 10-15 mins presentation. Presentation will be in the form of a briefing on a criminal organization my tutor provided (American Mafia, Gambino Family, John Gotti). So dear writer, what you need to do, is doing some academic research and making a briefing to include each of the following gists: What led to the formation of the organization; Where and when the organization operated; Who or what determines membership of the organization; The social and political context; The criminal activity/ies of the organization; The social and/or political harm caused by the organization; What other criminal organizations (e.g. Five Families in NYC) has the organization worked with; The state response to the organization; A reference list of scholars or other authors who have written about the organization.And I have already done some research and those links have been attached in the presentation guideline document. I hope it would be helpful.One more thing, please write speech drafts and notes for each slides of PPT as well, because if I only get the PPT slides, but I don’t know what I am going to say, that I can’t present it. Please write the speech drafts as detailed as possible, and try to do not use difficult academic words, using personal language that will be easy for understanding, because I am a EFL student, it will be hard for me to speak difficult academic words. I hope you could understand. If you have any future requirements, please let me know.

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