A critical review on causes of construction accident and fatalities in Hong Kong using accident causation theories.

Aims:Review on the leading causes of construction industrial accidents and worker’s death in construction site and how it relates to accident causation theories.Objectives:1. Carry out a comprehensive analysis and research on causes of deaths in construction and current legislation concerning workers protection.2. Prepare questionnaire and interview / survey with related professionals, senior management and front line staff to obtain their opinion/ viewpoint on legislation that protects workers.3. Critical review on different accident causation theories and how they relate to industrial accidents.4. Carry out data analysis and discover the reason for lower accidental rate.n this dissertation, I will critically review the major causes of workers death in construction site. I will review the accident causation theory and how it relates to industrial accidents. Introduction to the Occupational health and safety elements in construction and how it relates to the construction industry.

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