A Sociolegal Interpretation of Muhammad’s Acts of Foundation of the “Umma”.Discuss

Religion and Religious cultures topic: The Charter of Medina

NOTE: All sources will be uploaded

Main source: “The Charter of Medina” Author Ibn Ishaq

Secondary Sources:

-Yetkin Yildirim (2009) The Medina Charter: A Historical Case of Conflict
Resolution, Islam and Christian–Muslim Relations, 20:4, 439-450

-The Constitution of Medina: A Sociolegal Interpretation of Muhammad’s Acts of Foundation of the “Umma”
Author(s): Saïd Amir Arjomand

-Edinburgh : University Press, ©1968.
Guillaume, A. (1955) The Life of Muhammad. A Translation of Ishaq’s Sirah Rasul Allah (Karachi: Oxford University Press).

(Please find 2 more secondary sources from Wikipedia so you’d have a total of 5)

Read about the charter of media from Wikipedia to get a general knowledge, and then using the main source write about what it was and a general history of the charter. Then using the secondary sources, back up the primary one on how the modern scholars analyzed it.

Professors advice:
Main Idea – What is the source about?
Author/Creator – When was the source created/written?
Context – What was going on in the region, locality, country, or world when this was created?
Bias – Is the source reliable?
Contributions – How does the primary source contribute to our understanding of religion/religious belief in the time period?
Questions – What questions do you have about the source? What issues still remain?

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