ability to upload evidence towards the pupils meeting their learning objectives.

The assignment is to create/design a app / database where staff and pupils have the ability to upload evidence towards the pupils meeting their learning objectives. The evidence needs to be in a variety of forms including attaching a photograph, video, screenshot, documents, and short “post-it notes”. The evidence needs to be tagged to pupils, learning objectives, learning styles, who created the evidence. The tags need to also be able to tag whole classes or groups. The evidence then needs to be easy to see and turn into graphs and tables to demonstrate how pupils / groups / classes / genders / PP or SEN children are doing within all learning objectives, in certain areas, etc. They also need to be able to create a “timeline” of evidence to demonstrate progression. These needs to be accessible to pupils, teachers and pupils with various admin rights for editing and uploading and what they can view. So each person using this will need a log in with username and password. preferable this needs to be useable from various platforms such as tablets, phones, desktops, etc. and then uploads automatically to the database. There also needs to be a section to upload resources and documents including planning which can be tagged to the groups, learning objectives, etc. but again each folder is accessible to different people with different rights. Its basically like evernote, but with the ability to produce statistics, tables and graphs, etc from the tags and data produced. I have tried using various programs, including evernote in sandbox mode, javascript, etc. But settled on access in the end, but after I created the tablesand relationships, I became stuck and then the computer had an error and I lost my database. Running out of time to create and use the software.

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