Learning Outcome 3

Describe the professional and organisational systems of accountability that are in place within the placement organisation, and demonstrate the ability to work within these systems.

Part One: Written assignment describing agency’s systems of accountability

Word limit: 2000 words 

Instructions:Use the responsibility headings outlined in the ANZASW Code of Ethics Chapter 3 to describe the placement agency’s systems of accountability:

  1. Responsibility for TeTiriti o Waitangi based Society
  2. Responsibility to the Wider Community
  3. Responsibility to Clients
  4. Responsibility Agencies and Organisations
  5. Responsibility to Colleagues
  6. Responsibility in Supervisory Relationships
  7. Responsibility for Self
  8. Responsibility for Research and Publications

Under each heading describe significant Code of Conduct, policies, procedures, and/or strategy documents of the placement agency which relate to these responsibilities.  Ensure you have explained the connection between the documents you are describing and the relevant aspects of the ANZASW ‘responsibility’.

In addition to agency policy documents, it is likely that it will also be useful to discuss these responsibilities with your Field Educator and/or an agency manager. Information gained from this should be referenced as personal communication, see

Questions you might considercould include:

  • How does the agency see itself fulfilling these responsibilities?
  • What do policies say?
  • What does the agency’s publicity material promote?
  • What does the agency expect of its staff? How is this enforced?
  • Does the agency encounter any barriers in achieving these?


You should organise your content under the eight responsibility headings as above. For this assignment and introduction and conclusion in addition to these sections are NOT required. However as analytical  writing is required grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs are necessary, brief bullet points are not appropriate.


Agency documents, the ANZASW Code of Ethics, and personal communications with your Field Educators and/or managers MUST be referenced to APA style, see the Library Guide  or the APA Style website

References other than these sources are NOT required.

Part Two: Demonstration of Accountable Practice

At the mid placement review and end of placement visits your Field Educator will be asked to comment on your accountability in practice in the agency. Continued demonstration of accountable practice is required to pass this Learning Outcome.

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