Addressing Maternal Mortality and Child healthcare in UK.Discuss

Topic : Addressing Maternal Mortality and Child healthcare in UK
Identification of Topic and analysis of the context(Associated demographic, Social, Political and economic Factors(2) Application of theories of policy, policy making and policy analysis(3) Interpretation and analysis of the existing policy and suggesting comprehensive possible solution.
Things to take into consideration
1. Policy to address maternal Mortality and Child healthcare in UK
2.The problem
2. The policy objectives
3. Evidence and Research
4.General Overview
5. What is good to know and what needed to be known
6. The good practice
7. Policy theories
8. Policy implementation
9. Gaps
10. Recommendations

Extended essay
Does health/social care policy assist in combating some of the health problems in (choose a country of your choice)? The essay should be approximately 4000 words and submitted in Week 14. In your essay you should:

Discuss any particular health/social care problem
Discuss health/social care policy related to the an issue, applying theories related to policy and policy making;
Discuss the context of the policy: countrys social, economic and political condi-tions as related to health/social care and its policy;
Discuss local and international constraints influencing the policy;
Suggest recommendations to policy makers to address the health issue.

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