ADM 515: Leadership Interview Assignment

This week you will interview a leader of your choice utilizing material from the Leadership Challenge to frame your interview. You are to write a paper that talks about what you learned about leadership from this interview within the construct of leadership created for us by Kouzes and Posner. You are, again, to focus on five key concepts from the book that you believe are particularly demonstrated by the leader you chose to interview. Your work this week is to link quotes from your leadership interview to quotes from the book into a coherent, clear and engaging essay. For each concept you discuss you must discuss what the concept is, quote the book on the concept and, if possible, quote your leadership interview. You should have at least one paragraph for each concept, an introductory paragraph that sets up the paper for us with an organizing statement that tells us who your interview subject was and what five concepts you will be discussing. You should also have a concluding paragraph that ties the whole essay together. Be careful to reread your essay to make sure it would make sense to someone not familiar with the scholarly material or the person you have interviewed and that the essay flows naturally and is easy and interesting to read. You should consider having others read the essay to see if it makes sense and is engaging to them.Leadership Interview Paper Grading RubricIntroduction 1 pointConclusion 1 pointFive Concepts 5 points(At least one quote from the book per conceptand at least five total quotes from your interview)Proofing 1 pointClarity, Coherence, Reader Engagement 1 pointDepth 1 point(Were each of the concepts used in the essaydiscussed and illustrated in a thorough way?)————-Total 10 pointsI have attached all necessary documents.THE FIRST DOCUMENT SHOULD BE THE FOUNDATION FOR THIS PAPER BUT FOR OBVIOUS REASONS IT SHOULD NOT BE USED VERBATIMPLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS!!!THANK YOU!

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