Admission/Application Essay, Engineering and Construction

Project description

This was my rough draft just to give you an idea:
My first year attending community college I took two intro courses to physics, classical and electricity and magnetism physics. These courses were not required at all but I wanted to take them because I was interested in physics. These courses eventually lead to me deciding to want to be an engineer, but not any type of engineer, a astronautical engineer.
My first semester in physics was introduction to classical mechanics and this was the class that first sparked my interest. My professor was quite passionate about physics so he would elaborate a lot on what the meaning behind the idea was. I would always ask the question how. Somethings in physics did not make sense to me until after I studied the subject for hours and in the end I understood it. After the semester ended, I had a strong will to continue taking physics in the future.
My second semester, I took introduction to electricity and magnetism, which there was no need to take but that I wanted learn more and more about physics. This class was harder than the last because of the subjects but ended but being my favorite type of physics because you were learning how everything works in smaller scale. There is one question that has always stuck with me since that class and that was how can a superconductor have zero resistance? and I have asked many professors and tutors but all who have said the same thing, Im not sure.
These questions that have not been answered have been fuel to my physics spark which has now grown into a flame. I want to study higher level of physics but I want to put practical use with my knowledge. Engineers use their knowledge of physics and have apply it to their jobs in their everyday life. I want to be able to answer my questions along with answering others questions without ever having to reply with Im not sure.
I have decided on aerospace engineering for my interest in physics, engineering and flight. I do want to study astronautical engineering because of my strong interest in space but I need to take baby steps and start with a good foundation, aerospace. My passions have always consisted in physics, space, building and unanswered questions. In the future I want to be able to use all of the above to solve problems and help create a new world.

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