Admission/Application Essay, Other

3 questions that should be answered :
Where did you choose Robert Kennedy College and University of Salford ?
What is your ambition and motivation to study and graduate from this master program ?
Where do you see yourself , professionally , in 5 years time from now ?

I have wrote some things that can help you expand in your answers :

my plan to take masters degree in marketing .

My name is Nawras , a human resource graduate looking forward to applying for masters degree at Salford University. I earned my bachelors degree at the university of Wollongong in Dubai and graduated at 2015. My bachelors degree has provided me with lots of knowledge on leadership skills and how to deal with various situations in the work field.

Moreover, education has been an important tool throughout the years especially nowadays. It has given people the opportunity to succeed and expand in every field. For that reason, I am looking forward to applying to Salford for my Masters degree. I got to choose the university because it offers online degrees aside from it being recognized worldwide add to that the degree can be finished in one year.

What keeps me motivated and ambitious to complete the degree is that the work field nowadays demands for higher qualifications when wanting to apply to a specific position as well I had a goal to get to do master so I can improve my grades because I wasnt satisfied with my bachelors degree because of family circumstances .

In the future reference, my masters degree will be a bonus for me when I get to hold my own business. Im eager to enhance my skills and gain more knowledge on marketing in order to become successful in the future.

After five years from now I see myself managing my family business .

I dedicated myself and time to learn more about HR and decided to work as an intern in my family business

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