Adolescence – Now and Then

PLEASE FOLLOW THIS AS A GUIDELINE!1. Is it harder to go through adolescence now, or was it more difficult 40 years ago? (circa 1970-80) This sounds like a philosophical and generally simple question, but is much more involved when you really think about it. Take into account several issues in your answer including those mentioned in class, but do not limit your response to those. You might refer to the increased attachment to peers young people now have, the ever increasing role of technology in that stage of life, or pressure to do well academically speaking from family and one’s self. With each issue you refer to; however, relate it back to the education system and how our structured system affects that issue during adolescence.Specifically adolescence refers to approximately grade 6/7 – college/university, anywhere from age 10-22. This is an opinion based assignment, thus there is no wrong approach. Yes you can use ‘I’ and refer to personal experiences if you wish; however, do not turn your assignment into a journal article.

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