Advocate Christ Medical Center

Identify and research Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn Illinois. You may copy the entire overview off the hospitals website and paste it into the paper. Please answer the following questions within this research paper: what part of Christ Hospital would demonstrate a closed system? What components would that be? How is Christ Hospital running as a closed system (a closed system is a need for productivity, order and efficiency)? How does Christ function as an open system (ie. emailing system, news letters, or quarterly forms sent out to its employees)? What is the production functions (ie. What\’s being marketed to the community)? How does Christ Hospital function through boundary spanning functions? What is the maintenance function (what is Christ doing to insure that Human Resources is being developed)? What is Christ Hospital adaptation function (the issue of the affordable Care Act)? What is the management function at Christ Hospital (how is the structure of Christ Hospital)? What is the governance function/what are the committees of the governing board who runs or/and who are the committee members? How is Christ Hospital adapting to its competitive hospitals? What are health care administrators doing in these hospitals? What is the biggest service line at Christ Hospital? The conclusion can summarize what was felt about writing this paper.

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