Agenda Setting, New media, sociality, policy, and ethics – Young people and sexting, The impact and implications of WikiLeaks

1. Literature Review: In this section, you are expected to write a brief overview of each of thereadings for the week, identifying the main arguments, key points, and perspective in eacharticle. You are NOT being asked to provide a comprehensive summary of the readings.Rather: can you show a good understanding of the main argument and key points in eachreading? Can you effectively frame the readings, in terms of their perspectives and debatesthat are being engaged with?2. Critical Reflection: In this section, you are expected to discuss and reflect upon the week’stopic and material. This is the most important section in your Report, and should be the mostsubstantial. Some of the questions you can ask are: What did you find thought provoking?Why? How has this week’s material enabled you to think about and engage with the themesof the course? What do you think? Why? So what?3. Research Scope: In this section, provide a brief indication of any further questions orresearch areas that you may be interested in pursuing, as a result of this week’s topic. Thissection does NOT need to be lengthy.4. Reference List: Provide a full listing of any resources that you have directly used in yourwork. Do NOT cite resources that are not directly used. You are expected to conform toproper referencing conventions.Assessment Criteria:• Writing and presentation: clarity and coherence of expression, grammar, punctuation,sentence construction, layout• Conceptual understanding: ability to identify, explain, discuss, and analyse key ideas,theories, arguments, issues• Capacity for critical reflection: ability to develop and articulate your own opinions and criticalreflections, supported by relevant research and scholarly resources• Referencing: adherence to proper referencing conventionsPlease use only academic sources for referencing and reference even the articles attached. Please don\’t use vague and opinionated statements. Use Paragraphs and support the argument with backup and be clear and specific. the total world count including all the readings must be 3000

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