American schools should focus on the whole student when educating them, growing their ability to work with others, more than the simple memorization of facts.

Outline Template for Position or Debate Paper
Based on your debate topic.
You have the option to choose either side (affirmative or negative) for your paper.
Due April 29, 2016
Four-Five sources and four to five quotes (two can be blocked) are required for this paper, which is between 4-6 pages. No paper should have over 35% matching on Turnitin.
Part of your grade is going to be based on your research effort.
Writing Process
1. Select a topic: Topic is debate resolution.

2. Write a tentative thesis to establish your purpose for research. This is what you are
trying to support. After some reading, you may need to refine your thesis statement.

3. Take notes. There are different methods of note-taking: index cards and highlighting your copies are two. Select the one that works better for you unless instructed otherwise. If you select to use highlighting, use a different color highlighter for each topic within your subject
(comparable to main points on the outline). Pages from your sources that you quote from should be turned in with final copy.

4. In lieu of a rough draft make a sentence outline using the information assembled from your notes. Add quotes to your outline.

5. Write a Reference Page (bibliography) following APA guidelines.

6. Write the final copy.

7. Proofread the final copy.


9. Turn a copy online to Turnitin (link will be on eCourses).

Outline Example

Note that no correct number of letters or numbers exists; the only determining factor is the number of points you need to make for the required length of your paper.
I. Presentation of the Issue – introduce your topic; give background and lead up to your position; discuss problems with your topic based on your position (problems will deal with opposing arguments).

II. Thesis Statement – thesis will be a separate sentence/paragraph by itself

III. First reason with supporting evidence from outside source, (In your essay, use quote or paraphrase with parenthetical citation) –discuss harms in the status quo then your first reason/argument. Use examples/historical evidence/cases.

IV. Second reason with supporting evidence from outside source, use quote or paraphrase with parenthetical citation—your second reason/argument based on your position. Use examples/historical evidence/cases.

V. Third reason with supporting evidence from outside source, use quote or paraphrase with parenthetical citation (if there is a 3rd reason you can give it)—your third argument and support. Use examples/historical evidence/cases.

VI. Opposing positions – recognize opponent/oppositional arguments and highlight those to help bolster your position. Use transitions that signal concessions (transitions on e Courses).

VII. Conclusion – Discuss solutions to the problem or the opponents positions (which you will identify through your research)
Detailed example below:
I. In many companies, basic tech support jobs have been transferred overseas to be filled by
employees who will work for lower hourly wages. This has created a need in the American
economy for employees who are creative, not just those who can push buttons or fill in blanks.

II. American schools should focus on the whole student when educating them, growing their ability to work with others, more than the simple memorization of facts.

III. With technology at our fingertips, we are able to get to information much easier and quicker, and don’t need to know facts, but should know the theories behind them.
a. Give examples from US History class, knowing about trends and issues.

IV. Sadly, students who don’t take standardized tests well are at a disadvantage.
a. Give examples about college acceptances based on SAT scores.
b. Give evidence about schools who don’t accept based on SAT scores

V. A well rounded student who participates in extracurricular activities like clubs, bands, and sports is more likely to be successful in life.
a. Give examples about team work and leadership skills.
b. Interview your boss?

VI. Some may claim that the SAT score is the best predictor of success in college and it is hard for admission officers to decide who might be a good choice.
a. Interview an employer to ask what they might be looking for in a new hire?

VII. In the future, to keep up with countries worldwide that have made changes in their educational systems, America will have to…

Due April 29, 2016.
Transition sheet is on e Courses.
The week of April 11th, we will work on research paper in class. Sentence Outline is due on April 13th.
Read chapter 19 (Using sources) for more info.

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