An Economic Evaluation of “Safer Choices.Discuss

The homework has 2 parts, the first part is using the @risk system to do the sensitive analyze. I already finish the part 1 (I can not attach the part 1 through @risk system, I do not know what happened. Therefore, I take the pictures of part 1 and I will attach these pictures. Also, I mark the number under the picture to show which one is the first one and which one is the second one. And all of these pictures are in the additional materials. these pictures are really important. and the whole case is also in the additional material ). And the part 2 is using the data which we get from the part 1 to do the sensitive analyze paper. The professor wants to know how we get these numbers and what these numbers represent.
The basic output is a no longer than a 3 page double-space memorandum (this page length EXCLUDES ANY TABLES YOU MIGHT INCLUDE) that describes the analysis, presents the results, and then makes a recommendation whether or not Safer Choices is a program local school districts should promote, with also a recommendation about the financing mechanism. As with the pervious case, your memo should be broken down explicitly into sections with bolded headers as follows:

Analysis Method and Assumptions
Policy Recommendation

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