Analyse formative feedback strategies that you have observed and reflect upon the extent to which they had an impact on pupil learning, particularly when addressing misconceptions

Communication between the writer and the client is essentially required while writing this essay (especially before writing the essay) because you will be needing to add observations into the essay. The booklet provided needs to be read thoroughly before writing the essay. Any extra reading will be happily provided by the client. A number of references is decided by the writer. The assessment marking criteria are also attached to the booklet, need to read this too, very important and lastly, this essay requires CRITICAL ANALYSIS, not the massive description of what is observed from the class but observation needs to be included (please read the briefing). The deadline can be flexibly changed/extended for few days if the writer needs to upgrade the essay. The max number of words is 1600 words yet can be exceeded by 10% or less

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