Analysis of Change Management

For this assignment think of a change management situation within your organisation and answer the below questions for your report:

1.What Sectors and elements of the environment do you consider to have had the most influence on the change within your organisation. Justify your answers.

2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of the change.

3.Think of a change situation within your organisation. What were the sources of resistance? How did the management try to combat them.

Your answers should be presented in report format and be suitably referenced using relevant academic sources. You are expected to apply the theories and concepts studied in the module, particularly within Topics:
1. Thinking Strategically
2. The Nature Of Change
3. Culture and Change
4. Power and Conflict
5. Modelling Change
6. Changing Structures
The emphasis should be on analysis, critical evaluation and synthesis, avoiding an overly descriptive approach.


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In addition each seminar for the FT and PT modules are accompanied by three contemporary journal articles.

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