analysis user experince on Cloud Computing

1- Dissertation should provide a chapter-by-chapter overview in the introduction so the assessors know what to expect.2- Each chapter should also begin with a short introduction telling the reader what the chapter will do, and then end with a short conclusion summarising what has been done, as well as signalling what comes next3- Need to cite the sources of all the indirect and direct quotations you have used in the main body of the text.4- when considering whether to use the past or present tense, one suggestion is to use the present tense throughout (e.g. “Weber claims that” not “Weber claimed that”) except when writing up your methodology and data analysis where you should use the past tense (e.g. “I chose to use questionnaires”, “my data suggested that”).\\5- not to use sources that don’t appear in the text but do appear in the list of references.6- This is empirical dissertations not theoretical dissertations.7- Do not use endnotes : Endnotes8- referencing must be in the Harvard referencing format and therefore must not use “footnote referencing”.)9- All tables should be numbered consecutively throughout the text. All figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the text.10- Each table and figure should be preceded by a heading, including the word Table or Figure, the table/figure number and the meaningful title. The heading should be in sentence case, bold, centred on the page.1- Some Points should be available in the dissertation (Theoretical Framework):1. The consistent cuts and distributed snapshots concept2. The concept of parallel computing.3. The concept of cloud computing is a new technological wave that is increasingly replacing the traditional versions of IT systems.4. The concept of cloud computing is not only new among many users but also unique to a point that some will not have the requisite knowledge to effectively benefit from the system.5. The concept of community cloud can also be analysed to have a proper understanding of the user experience when using cloud computing.6. The concept of distributed systems can also play an important role in conducting a research on the user experience in a cloud.1- page title : subject : dissertation about user experience on cloud system2- table of contents (one or 2 pages )3- acknowledgements (no need )4- executive summary (one page only)5- introduction (800 words)6- review and analysis (Literature review and theory) [several chapters by theme (04,000 words)a. literature reviewi. the theoretical dimensionsii. title of second section1. title of first sub-section2. title of second sub-sectionb. data and methodsi. Survey by questionnaireii. Interview Questions.c. analysis and results2- discussion and conclusions (1,200 words)3- references4- appendix a title of first appendix5- appendix b title of second appendix

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