Analyze a primary historical source for its representation of a colonial landscape in the Pacific Northwest.

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This is research paper easy is the continuation of the essay proposal that I order in past week with this writer. the two sources that I gave you last time and one more class lecture that I will give this time.
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You are to write a 2500 word (approximately 10 pages, double-spaced) essay which analyzes a primary historical source for its representation of a colonial landscape in the Pacific Northwest. You have a broad range of choices in the source you use: historical novel, settler journal, recorded / transcribed oral testimony (settler or Native), government report, historical map, painting, and so on. In providing your analysis you should draw on one to two of the themes / ideas encountered in class. You are not limited to these, but they will certainly give you a firm basis on which to proceed. For the proposal that is due on November 3, I would like an outline of about 500 words that identifies a potential primary source for analysis, the site at which you have located it (this can often be done online by searching a holdings index), and the themes of analysis that you will bring to bear in your final paper.
Your paper must have the components of a formal essay. This means providing an introduction that: 1) introduces the period, place, and source that you are focusing on; 2) states what you will argue about the landscape representation found in your source; and 3) states how you are going to work through your claim in the body of the paper. It also means providing a conclusion that sums up what youve argued, how youve argued it, and (briefly) why its important. In essence, you need to say what you want to say (Intro), say it (Body), and say what you said (Conclusion)
There are several sites to explore in order to find your source. WWU Libraries holds some historical novels in its regular collection; you might also find some gems in the Special Collections division of the library. Washington State Archives has a location at the corner of Bill MacDonald Pkwy and 25th Ave spending some time in there might yield some interesting sources. Please contact the archivist there prior to a visit to arrange for research assistance. It is also possible that you may find some intriguing items in the city and county archives. Again, contact the archivist before visiting these sites. Online collections often have great digital sources, too.
Spend some time exploring these sites in order to find your source. Once you do, turn all of your attention to reading, digesting, and analyzing the representation of a colonial landscape that you find. this are the two sources, 1, The sea is my country. by Reid, J. (2009) Stevens, I.(1859) Treaty of Neah Bay. the other sources is a lecture from class it talks about Alaska native people which is helpful to compare and contrast. here is the link
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I think I aploaded wrong article, I couldn\\\”t cut or deleted I don\\\”t want confused you, the title say \\\” china set\\\”
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this is the comment from my professor about the last paper.
You have chosen a good primary document. I would like to hear about how you plan to analyze it through one or more concepts, from class… at present, your proposal is just about describing the treaty and some of its effects. can you say something more? i.e what \\\”official geographies of colonialism\\\” might have been unleashed by the treaty ? or what assumptions about the location of \\\”civilization and \\\”savagery \\\” are embedded in the treaty? or how did the treaty reflects the manifest destiny attitude of American settlers ?
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