Analyze the changing business environment(s) globally and how they pose challenges to marketing management functions in organizations.

Module Code & Title EDIBM/104 International Marketing Management

Module Learning Outcomes

LO1 Analyze the changing business environment(s) globally and how they pose challenges to marketing management functions in organizations.

LO2 Develop marketing plans with application of appropriate marketing models, tools and techniques.

LO3 Evaluate the processes involved in brand management and how they influence consumer behaviour.

LO4 Evaluate the skills set needed as a creative marketer to launch new products/services in a dynamic global marketplace.

Assessment types Marks
Marks Awarded
Organizational Study (Project Format)

Executive Summary & Introduction 15
Literature Review 20
Application of Theory into Practice 50
Conclusion & Recommendations 15
Overall Score 100

Overall Grade



There are many organisations that have decided to expand their market and increase their global reach. Internationalization of business is not considered as an easy task. Many challenges and hurdles come across in the context. Organisations need to adopt many practices and strategies to perform better and effectively in the international market.

Choose any international organisation (with any product) of your choice preferably where you are working or worked with or familiar with and prepare an entry plan for international markets in regards with the chosen organisation components. Your report should investigate various factors that influence the entry mode of the company into the global market along with the potential barriers that might hinder the expansion of the chosen firm. Various marketing strategies in order to enter into the international market should also been explored. The details of the expected project report format is given below:



1. Executive Summary: you should summarise your entire project briefly (hopefully on no more than one page of A4 paper).
2. Chosen organisation: you should give the name of the featured organisation and the reasons for you choosing it.

3. Introduction: you should provide some background information on the chosen organisation and the aspects of marketing management that are relevant.

4. Literature Review: you should conduct a review of relevant academic literature and provide a critique of the current issues/concepts that are relevant to your project. You must include marketing management concepts, marketing mix, marketing plan and product life cycle and appropriate application of models, tools and techniques to support marketing analysis.

5. Application of theory to practice: you need to compare actual practice at your organisation with the key academic thinking established in the review of literature. It may point out similarities and differences, agreements and contradictions, and suggest explanations for these relationships. The focus of this section needs to be on: (1) marketing management concept (2) a critical evaluation of marketing mix of your organisation (3) the role of marketing models, tools and techniques in developing new products and effective marketing plans.

6. Conclusions and Recommendations: you should provide various recommendations for adequate marketing strategy for chosen firm components which should provide an aid to the firm to expand their business in the global market.

7. References: you should use the Harvard referencing system only.

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