Antenna Considering the electrical conductivity, rust, corrosion, and other reactions with air.

Please select one of the topics below and write a final report addressing materials choice (some topics can select more than one material), critical material properties, manufacturing process and other potential applications of the materials. o Please include a cover page as first page of your report with the title, your name and PID. o 6 pages (include cover page) limit including reference list (Font Times New Roman 12, 1.5 spacing). o Originality check will be applied by Turnitin. 20% or more similarity to open access resource will be considered plagiarism.

Topic 1. Turbine blade for the jet The turbine blade is a critical component of the jet, which extracts around 1000 horsepower from the gas flow towards the rear of the engine to drive the engine’s compressors.

2. Antenna Considering the electrical conductivity, rust, corrosion, and other reactions with air.

3. Space shuttle tiles The space shuttle tile is an amazing piece of engineering, which insulates the body of the shuttle from temperatures that approached 3000F.

4. Blue LEDs Three scientists have jointly earned the 2014 Nobel Prize in physics for their work on blue LEDs, or light-emitting diodes. Please describe the mechanism and significance of blue LEDs.

Topic 6. Portland Steel Bridge
Topic 7. Durable iphone screen
Topic 8. Skeleton of the boat The skeleton of the boat is the most important part of the build.

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