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“He who passes the sentence should swing the sword”: Justice, Honor and Death
A man’s code of justice defines who he is. What is the relationship between honor and justice? How does the caste system instill its own code of justice?How are the events of the book representative of a moral value, or lack thereof? Compare the attitudes towards death and justice from different characters and cultures.

2.  “Power is a trick. A shadow on the wall.” Meditation on power: Do the ends justify the means?
Some organizing principles of power are heredity, money, war, cunning and honor. If rule must come with the consent of the governed, then how is legitimacy judged? By what means is ultimate power attained? Why do people consent to obey?  Consider the symbol of the dragon and Danerys transcendence. You may compare to other power structures discussed in the course.

3. Ned vs Dany
Compare the decisions of Eddard and Danerys as their respective story lines climax. Contrast Ned’s sense of honor and Danys sense of decency. Are more modern sentiments familiar to our time represented by certain cultures or characters? Who has a gentle or merciful heart?  How do they fare in the story?

4. “Cripples, bastards and broken things”
Describe the roles of characters who fall on the outskirts of the nobility, such as Tyrion and Jon Snow. How do they define themselves? In what ways do they cope with their troubles in comparison to those of full nobility?

The book is Game of Thrones: you have to chose from one of those topic and write about

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