AP English Literature essay

so my requirements for my essay is I have to use one of the critical lenses analyzing one character or theme from the novel Grendel. my introduction must identify the work by title and author. I must also provide a viable thesis which my essay proves. I must first begin the body of my essay with a concise explanation or definition of the lens being applied to the character;next I must provide a brief summary of the text, especially in relation to the character of focus; lastly, I must incorporate supporting evidence from the novel with correct parenthetical citations.my conclusion should make some connection to our world, whether it be a scenario or comparison to a person we all recognize.I cannot use a first or second person in my essay unless it is contained in a direct quote from the text itself. it has to be in the third person. I must have three direct quotes from Grendel cited withing the text of my essay. I must have a signal phrase and incorporate short phrases from the text to support my own thesis. my quotes must be no more than 2 full typed lines of text. use the book Grendel by John Gardner for quotes.

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