Archeology Film Review on Indiana Jone Movie and Raider of the Lost Ark

This is an archeology film review of the film: Indiana Jones and the Raider of the Lost Ark.Instruction are listed below and it is very important to:1) Follow ALL seven of them2) Include all the notes from the attached document “Notes” into the paper3) Close attention to grammar! (Each paragraph needs a topic sentence and a closing sentence)Instruction:1) Plot (2 paragraph)2) Main Characters with 3-4 sentence for each3) Goals of Archeology (1 paragraph) summary of the role of archeology in the film4) Describe whose cultural heritage is the focus of the archeological portrayed in this film and is it morally right that artifacts are taken from these heritage? (2 paragraph)5) Provide short summary of the project planning process for archeology portrayed in this film (1 paragraph)6) Provide summary (1 paragraph) of the research questions underlying the archeology in this film7) Provide a short summary (1 paragraph) of the the funding sources for the archeology in the film8) (2-3 Pages) Write a critical film summary that combine the above element along with how the film characterizes groups or individuals and the overall impacts the the film has in portraying archeology to a global general public audience (Crucial part of the film paper)

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