Are The Monsters Evil in Every Horror Movies?

I want this essay to be argument of fact essay, the essay will talk about two facts, first one not every horror movie have a supernatural monster sometimes they\’re human. Second sometimes monsters are not that evil one in the movie. I wrote this for an exampleIn 1933 the movie King Kong was released in the theaters the people at that time expected humans fighting a monster. But it was big shock to them when they found out the people in the movie were the monsters. The movie showed something different view to the audience; because in most of monsters or horror movies humans are the victims, but this time the beast was the victim. The movie showed the monstrosity of the humans towards things they did not understand. After that movie many came out with different concept, for example war movies showed how humans turn into monsters in the battlefield. Some of the war movies did not show any patriotic messages but showed the cruelty of the humankind against each other.

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