Are We Rome?Discuss

Murphy, Cullen. Are We Rome? The Fall of an Empire & the Fate of America. Mariner Books, 2008.
this is the first book that I want you to write from it.
I want specific things and ( not a summary) it is an essay and what we learn from this two books during the course.
Here is what I want:
1-what do you think of this book.
2-what can we understand from it?
3-what is the benefit of this article on us?
4-what does this book relate from the other one from my opinion?

The second book is “the west and the world” specifically chapter 11 Mediterranean society: the roman phase, ch14 the expansive realm of Islam, ch16 the two worlds of christendom, ch19 the increasing influence of Europe, ch17 nomadic empires and Eurasian integration, ch21 expanding horizons of cross cultural interaction, ch 22 transoceanic encounters and global connections,ch 26 tradition and change in east Asia and ch23 the transformation of Europe.
1- what is the best chapter in my opinion? reason? I think chapter 14
2- what is these chapters help me to learn?
3- what is the best problem from each chapter, and what is going to be the solution for the problem
4- some of the plans was good and it was smart plans to help the group won the war?
5- what does this chapter relate to the first book?
Please I want you to focus on the thesis and introduction and I want it to gather of the two book. also you can start with any book you like but it should be both of them.

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