Argumentative Essay – Reflections on deception, truthfulness and professional communication

Attached file: Please read this entire article. It contains both Nyberg\’s and Bok\’s different arguments/ideas.Prompt: Pick either position – Bok\’s rule-driven, absolutist prohibition against lying VS. Nyberg\’s utilitarian, social context-driven argument.Requirements for Content: Briefly explain the position (and here you don\’t have to exclusively talk about Bok or Nyberg, you can define these 2 general positions however you want). Then, identify the 3 strongest arguments AGAINST this position and briefly explain them. Then, defend your chosen position against these arguments with your own counter-arguments. Be very concise and clear — make each sentence mean something. But if you wind up with one to three really good counter-arguments for one or two strong arguments against your position, that\’s ok, too.

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