Article, Journalism, mass media and communication

Project description

mentioning the animals they have, comparing how this is the only farm they have for the little animals. (see list of reserves: Focus on introducing \”friends of the environment, Qatar.\”

I\’m using this as background research, so please try to put in as much detail and info as possible. Will be interviewing a member of the friends of the environment tomorrow to add in quotes and change as necessary but would like to have this as a basis.

Maybe focusing on the Jerboa and its history / impact on Qatar and then mentioning some of the other plants and creatures they have.

There are 12 nature reserves in total. 8 for vegetation, 3 for oryx, gazelle (Reem), and ostrich (overlapping) and 1 for the little ones (including the jerboa, lizard, and butterfly).

Cute little article piece on a funky sanctuary kinda thing. I can understand if you need a little extra time to complete but do let me know.

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