Paper Format:
7-9 pages in length
12 point font, Times New Roman
1 inch margins
MLA or APA internal citations and bibliography. No footnotes. At minimum, you must cite the Sellnow text and the artifact. You are to use at least 5 scholarly outside sources for this paperto inform you about the criticism you are using.

Choose a communication artifact or set of related artifacts and analyze those artifacts to write a critical analysis based on one of the rhetorical criticisms we learned from the Sellnow text- choose from Narrative or dramatistic analyses. The artifact itself can be any form of public rhetoric you care to deal with–e.g., a speech, social movement, spectacle, musical composition, movie, ad campaign, or genre, etc. Choose something of social significance-do not choose something relatively unheard of or considered trivial unless you can justify that it was unjustly overlooked.

For this paper, choose between Narrative or dramatistic analyses and write a 7-9 page paper applying one of the perspectives to your artifact(s).

Each paper should include these elements:
an introductory paragraph or two that explains the purpose and/or thesis of the critique, or asks a research question. Introduce and justify your choice of text(s) as to why they should be considered an artifact.
a preview of the main points of the paper
a rationale for the critical approach you have chosen as your method for critiquing this text.
careful analysis that applies the concepts of the perspective to details of the text.
a summary section, your evaluation of the situation, artifact, your final comments
A copy of the artifact, if possible
YOU MUST use INTERNAL citations throughout paper to receive any credit for the assignment.
A works cited page (APA or MLA style. Use a style guide!). A minimum of (3) scholarly sources must be used in addition to citing our text and the artifact itself.

Papers will be evaluated on the basis of:
match between theoretical perspective and analysis of artifact
originality and persuasiveness of arguments
detailed use of examples or data from the artifact(s) to argue your case
the criticism portion of the discussion is crucial. This should be your main focus.
clear organization, clarity and style of writing, writing mechanics and proofreading (should be perfect here).

Suggested outline for your first criticism paper

Number all of your pages

1 Intro your thesis/idea for the paper. Make sure you have an intro paragraph & in 2nd paragraph make sure you announce the artifact & type of criticism youre using

2-3 explain the artifact. Assume the reader knows the artifact, unless it is not a well known artifact. Dont worry about getting into details, you will throughout your paper, when necessary.

4-5 explain what type of criticism you are using, what you know about the criticism,
the various forms of the criticism you will use. This can be done in 1-2 paragraphs

4-7 Explain your criticism & artifact together. The argument should be logical,
perhaps in sequential/historical order. YOUR ANALYSIS

7-9 Summary paragraph/section. YOUR OPINION, HOW DO WE MOVE FORWARD? Conclusion.

Last Pages Works cited page (remember the Sellnow text, and your artifact! Include a copy of the artifact if possiblepictures included.

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