Asses to what extent women in sport are portrayed and stereotyped within the media.

This research proposal is meant to show that you are developing your understanding of media research, which will help with producing the later dissertation. You must use academic referencing and a bibliography in this research proposal. This essay is to ensure you are working towards your final work and that you understand the academic requirements of the course. If you have any questions about the approach you should take, please refer to the lecturer. You MUST include the following: 1. Dissertation title 2. Discussion of why you have chosen the subject 3. Literature Review (some of the key literature) 4. Proposed research method and why you have decided to choose it 5. Indicative Bibliography: this means that in addition to the sources you have already read in detail, you can note those sources which you may not have read yet, but which you believe will be of use to you while writing the dissertation itself. 6. References for the research proposal itself (this should be separate from the indicative bibliography) In writing the research proposal, you may find it useful to ask yourself these questions: 1. Why you consider this an interesting topic? 2. How do you propose to investigate it? You may wish to make references to particular theoretical or methodological approaches that you think may be useful. 3. Are there are particular practical issues (e.g. access, equipment, resources) that might affect your research? 4. How do you propose to timetable your various research and writing activities? Marking criteria for this assignment include:  Evidence of research  Formulation of a topic and of research questions related to it  Understanding of the direction of the research and the relevant ideas, issues, problems it involves  Awareness of the position of the research within the discipline  Understanding of the research project’s framework and content  Academic presentation and tone

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