Assessing leadership: skills and styles

Would you describe yourself as a task-oriented leader or a relationship-oriented leader? This week, you read about the style and skills approaches to leadership. Consider the styles and skills addressed in this week’s media, Effective Leadership Styles and Find Your Personal Communication Style. Are communication or social interaction skills necessary for every leader? Will a particular style work best in certain situations?

Imagine that you work for a large, UK-based pharmaceutical corporation and you have just been assigned to lead a team in a new branch office that is located in Lagos, Nigeria. As the leader, you have to decide whom to hire, how to achieve the first-year goals that have been given to you, and how to create a timeline for key milestones.

With these thoughts in mind, for this week’s second discussion, post a 1,000- to 1,500-word response to the following question to the Discussion Board by Monday:

How will the concepts addressed in this week’s textbook reading as well as in the articles ‘Developing Advanced Decision-Making Skills in International Leaders and Managers’ and ‘From Experience to Experiential Learning: Cultural Intelligence as a Learning Capability for Global Leader Development’ help you succeed in this new assignment?

Remember to cite and reference examples from the readings and journal articles for this week. Please submit your initial response through the Turnitin submission link below in addition to posting it to the Discussion Board thread.

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