Assessment Choices

Activity 6 instructions

Section 2: Curriculum Development, Assessment, and Higher Order Thinking

Many approaches need to be applied to motivate and engage learners and to help them learn and retain content. Meaningful learning is not arbitrary as it relates to previously gained information. Helping a student to organize new information and connect it to previous knowledge can make new material meaningful, and possibly bring about improved academic performance. Several strategies can be taught to help make learning more meaningful by demonstrating the value of it. These strategies include:

1. The use of mnemonics, verbal learning, paired associate learning, serial, and free-recall learning to remember information.

2. Note taking for material that is not complex and conceptual. Writing paraphrase notes is more effective than verbatim notes. Providing skeletal notes to the entire class is an intentional technique to assist student study habits.

3. Underlining: teaching students to highlight only one sentence per paragraph.

4. Summarizing: having students write a summary of new information. The summary should be written to teach another about the material.

5. Writing to learn: assess one’s own level of understanding periodically throughout the lesson by writing about the concepts and facts that are mastered; thereby, demonstrating prior knowledge and creating a continuum of learning.

6. Outlining and mapping: by representing the main points and creating a diagram to show connections, the student could begin to grasp the relationships of the new material.


Stimulate Your Learning
Some of the most effective methods to improve reading retention that teachers can implement are:

1. PQRST: Preview, Question, Read, Summary, and Test

2. SQ3R: Survey, Question, Read, Recite, and Review

3. PQ4R: Preview, read, reflect on, recite, and review

4. KWL: Know, What, and Learn

View a quick explanation of these methods.

Are you a teacher or an educator? Will you tell your students about learning strategies or will you guide them to conclusions about which strategies will work best for them? Which is more likely to motivate and inspire? Think about different ways to approach curriculum and develop lesson plans. In an effort to reach a diverse group of learners, employing such methods can prove to be a successful teaching approach.!

Watch this video, asking the question, Do you teach or do you educate?

Stimulating Your Thinking



Multiple Intelligences do not exist in a vacuum. They overlap and are related to each other. Watch the video below and think of how you could enrich one of your lessons through the theory of overlapping MI

Assignment 6   Assessment Choices
In this Activity, you will focus on how to structure assessments. Although standardized tests must often be used as assessment tools, within the classroom authentic assessments can provide other valuable ways of determining what students know. When instruction is adapted to conform to the theory of MI, styles, etc., it follows that assessment should be similarly adapted. �It would certainly be the height of hypocrisy to ask students to participate in a wide range of multispectrum experiences in all eight intelligences and then require them to show what they�ve learned through standardized tests that focus narrowly on linguistic or logical-mathematical intelligences (Armstrong, 2009, p. 130).

Activity Resources:

  • Armstrong, T (2009) Chapter 10, 11
  • Pritchard, A (2009) Chapter 8, Review Chapter 4


  1. Read the assigned chapters noted above in the activity resources.
  2. Use the NCU Library, and or other resources you may find helpful to research more detail regarding this topic.

Main Task: Utilize assessment techniques
For this task, you will assess the value of using assessment techniques that mirror real life experiences and contrast those assessment techniques with the high-stakes standardized testing in place. Is there room for both kinds of assessment in your classroom or your curriculum? What specific strategies can you employ as the teacher to strike a balance for your students?

  1. Develop authentic assessments to use in your chosen subject for the lesson you created and suggest long-term assessments that could be used throughout the year. Consider a wide range of abilities. Ensure assessments include aspects of Bloom�s Levels of Cognitive Complexity.
  2. Explain how these assessments relate to the various intelligences and abilities. Discuss how and why these assessments can help students of all diversities and abilities to raise standardized test scores and why they are better than concentrating on standardized assessments alone (alternate opinions with sources are welcomed).

Length: 5-7 pages, excluding title page
References: A minimum of 3-5 references required


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