Assignment #2 – Group-Level of Analysis – BVS PetGourmand

Please pay attention, this is 3 page SINGLE space orderRelated to the following course objective:Learn about successful team behavior, how to lead teams, and manage independent teams to accomplish specific goals and objectivesThe Portfolio is comprised of two parts:Part 1–OB research findings from which the presentation (Part 2) will be created. Part 1 should be a comprehensive outline, with expository content under headings and subheadings containing data and information, analyzed, synthesized, assessed and explained in essay form. The outline will have broader and more intensive content—that is, OB-related data, information, concepts, theories, models, methods, practices—than Part 2 because Part 1 will reflect your research and what you have learned about group-level organizational behavior from required weekly resources, outside research, and the weekly discussions. Think of Part 1 as the report you leave with the client after your presentation.Part 2–Graphic presentation: the distillation of Part 1 into visual form. Included in Assignment 2’s purpose is learning new skills or enhancing existing skills to create innovative presentations applicable to real-world workplace and other professional environments. You may do this by using Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) or Prezi (an innovative replacement for PPT). For information,feel free to use such options as video (e.g., YouTube) or other innovative graphical presentation application suitable for illustrating synthesized, key data and information from the comprehensive content generated in Part 1. Consider integrating audio or animated elements or a concept map, SWOT analysis, or narration into the presentation to increase impact, meaningfulness and persuasiveness.The Introduction and additional instructions below provide detailed steps and directions for creating, packaging, and submitting your Portfolio.Introduction to Assignment ContentFor this group-level analysis assignment, you will wear the hat of a rising-star organizational behavior (OB) consultant. You will create a portfolio that includes a written analytical report (Part 1) designed to convince BVS to adopt your recommendations. To do so, you will create a graphic presentation (PPT, Prezi, etc.) that distills the analysis from your report into the most important points you wish to make. Your presentation (Part 2) should demonstrate your ability to interpret and synthesize information, communicate, and your personal style/approach to business. The written analysis is what you would leave behind for them to review after you’ve gone.Case Study 2: Going Global: What Does it Take to Make Cross-cultural Teams Successful? will serve as the central organizing influence of your Portfolio. The case describes issues, problems, and challenges related to developing high-performing cross-cultural teams in an organization integrating new employees after an acquisition. This project is designed around the following hypothetical situation:You recently launched an organizational behavior consulting practice, specializing in cross-cultural group and team dynamics and problems. Having done an environmental scan, you know the competition for clients in your niche is stiff. Since the 2008 recession, a number of top-notch OB professionals have established consulting services targeting organizations challenged by cultural diversity, virtual work environments, communication technology, and issues related to restructuring traditional organizations into flatter systems with team-centered processes. One such company is Bon Vivant Specialties (BVS), run by Daniel Chinn, a CEO you met at an international education and development program for high-potential mid-level professionals.

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