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Project description
Lab 4: SQL Query on a Single Table
Assignment: Using the VLABS environment, log into SQL SERVER and use the tables IST210-WC schema with the prefix of UC, and perform the following queries:

Use the NULL keyword to display the s_id and c_sec_id for records that have no value for the field grade from the table uc_enrollment.
Display the s_id, s_last, s_first, s_phone for students whose faculty advisor is faculty number 1.
Display course_id, sec_num, and maximum enrollment for courses where the maximum enrollment is in the 35 to 100 range from the uc_course_section table sorted in descending order by maximum rollment value.
Display faculty id, first name and last name when the faculty last name contains a letter w (upper or lower case) anywhere in the last name.
Display the number (tally) of faculty members who have the rank of associate professor?
Display the minimum, maximum and average available seats in a section for courses in term_id 5.
Be sure to review the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) that you prepared in Lab # 1.

Please capture the SQL commands and the execution of the SQL commands in a Microsoft Word document by using the copy and paste feature of windows.

I WILL ATTACH LAB #1 wait for it!
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Lab #3
Instruction files

1522969_lab_3.docx(81,92 KiB)

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