Assignment, Computer sciences and Information technology

1-Moving function outside of the kernel or even layering the kernel may provide some benefits.
How does virtualization factor into a layered vs. non-layered design discussion?
Provide specific support for your answer from academic sources.

2-Please address the following:
Provide ONE advantage or ONE disadvantage of a Microkernel OS Design or a Monolithic OS Design. Provide support (back up your claims) for your view.
The following are examples with proper justification and support:
An advantage to a microkernel based operating system design is with applications that have the potential for many critical interactions such as a server are designed and implemented as processes/threads outside of the kernel. This provides for the isolation of errors outside of the kernel thus improving the systems availability (Liedke, 1995).
Liedtke, J. (1995). On -Kernel Construction. In Proceedings of the Fifteenth ACM
Symposium on Operating System Principles, 237-250.
An advantage to a monolithic kernel based operating system design is with the performance of applications that obtain privledged service through system calls that are designed to accomplish a given task by using subsystems within the kernel. This provides for fewer context switches between user and kernel mode thus improving performance by reducing the number of instructions necessary to accomplish a privileged task (Chen & Bershad, 1993).
Chen, J.B. & Bershad, B.N. (1993). The Impact of Operating System Structure on Memory System Performance. In Proceedings of the fourteenth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles (SOSP \’93), 120-133

3-When designing a kernel with rudimentary functionality, what are the required services? Justify your answer and provide an example.

4-In the context of the OS design discussions there is a dependence on the goal of the system and the environment. This is a very important aspect of any systems design. One can argue for or against a function, but it is the intended environment and operation that justify the form. This is another indication that the correct result is determined by the intended footprint (Lampson, 1983). This brings up another important design element – correctness. Take a look at the following:
The Rise of Worse is Better\’ By Richard Gabriel.

5-As part of the big picture of kernel design, take a look at the attached article and discuss, we have not yet covered some of the OS components that are integral to discussing the benefits and detriments of a Unikernel design. However, begin pondering the design elements and revisit as we move through the course material.
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