Assignment, Computer sciences and Information technology

Answers the following question separately with examples :

1- Iam thinking in terms of different layers of development that are currently being utilized (front-end, back-end) and the different programming-languages experts that are involved? What does SSJS change? Do you see a change in the way web development teams currently handle the development (front-end developers & back-end developers)?

2- Can you provide us with a simple paradigm where malicious JS code is directly interpreted by the browser? You can use paradigm/s from well known cases.

3-Do you know of any technique allowing us to protect code and sensitive data: do you know about shadow DOM elements? What is this technique? Is it W3C compliant? What are the benefits in terms of security? Do we use shadow DOM elements only for security reasons?

4-Is there any compatibility table with standards about each browser where a JS developer can search for JS & browser compatibility issued by ECMA? Can you please share it with us?

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