Assignment, Computer sciences and Information technology

Using the database you created in Week One, complete the following:
Create the tables that will support an invoicing system for the online store.
Include the following tables:
Note: Make sure you have the following fields associated to the correct table. These will be used in the following weeks (Order ID, Order Date, Ship Date, Item Name, Item Price, Quantity, Customer First and Last Name, Address, City, State, and Zip).
Import the data for \”Customers\”, using a Microsoft Excel document (Customer_Data).
Import the data for \”Items\”, using a Microsoft Excel document (Item_Data).
Create the necessary fields with the appropriate data types, select primary keys, and establish the relationships between tables.
Include a description for each field, relevant validation rules, formatting, and other properties.
Add data for at least five orders. Each order should contain at least three items.

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