Assignment, Finance and Accounting

Find the most recent measures of M1 and M2. Make sure to include the different components of both aggregate measures. Also, make sure to indicate the date and the source.

MI = The sum of all U.S. currency and coin held by the public (outside the cash in the vaults of the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve banks, and depository institutions), travelers checks issued by non bank financial institutions, and checking accounts (demand deposits), NOW accounts, and Automatic Transfer Services at all commercial (banks, credit unions, and thrift institutions (except for inter bank, U.S. government, and foreign bank deposits and Federal Reserve float).

M2 = The sum of MI plus small savings and time deposits (under $100,000 each in amount), balances held in general-purpose and broker-dealer money market fund accounts, short-term repurchase agreements (bearing overnight maturities and continuing contracts that can be canceled with 24-hours notice) issued by depository institutions, and overnight foreign U.S. dollar deposits (Eurodollar) issued to U.S. residents by foreign branches of U.S. banks worldwide.

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