Assignment, Finance and Accounting

Choose one company listed in the S&P 500 Stock Index file posted to the course website in the Course Documents section. Then go to the SEC website (, then under Filings and Forms click on Search for Company Filings, then click on the bullet Company name, ticker symbol, etc., then key in the one-to-four letter ticker symbol or the very accurate legal company name) and obtain that companys most recent Form 10-K Report and look for the Interactive Data button. Click on that, then click on Financial Statements (income statement = statement of operations, balance sheet and cash flow statement), to download them into an Excel file (or you might be able to copy and paste them into a Word file). Calculate that companys Free Cash Flow for its most recent fiscal year and calculate two financial ratios from each of four out of five ratio categories mentioned in Chapter 4 for the companys two most recent fiscal years (i.e., a total of eight ratios for two years, equals sixteen financial ratios). Show all figures used to compute Free Cash Flow and for the ratios. Analysis must be typed with the file emailed to the instructor by the deadline (it would be great if the analysis was produced in an Excel spreadsheet, with computations done by Excel commands). In addition and at the same time, please email to the instructor the file into which you copied your companys financial statements.

(I don\’t know how many pages are needed, you just finish it, if need more pages, please tell me, I will pay addition fees.)

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