Assignment, Health sciences and medicine

Patch 01: Undertake a critical reflection of how research ethics processes provide protection for participants in health and social care research.

Consider the following themes in your writing;
Why do we need to protect research participants?
Are some people more vulnerable than others?
What are potential risks of taking part in research?
What do we mean by research ethics?
What is the relationship between law, ethics and morality?
What are the ethics processes in the UK?
How do these processes protect people?
If you are not familiar with the concept of critical reflection you will be required to do some background reading on this topic. Use academic sources to support your work. This is a (maximum) 1000-word patch.

Patch 02: Critically evaluate how qualitative research contributes to evidence-based practice in health and social care.

Make sure you do some background reading on what is meant by critical evaluation. This patch is on the subject of qualitative research.
You should consider the following themes in your writing:
What is qualitative research?
In terms of ontology and epistemology, what research paradigm(s) are associated with qualitative research?
What does qualitative research contribute to evidence-based practice?
How does it differ from quantitative research in relation to the above?
What types of data-collection methods are used?
When and why would you choose a particular data-collection tool?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of the qualitative approach?
This is a (maximum) 1500-word patch.

Patch 3: Critically reflect upon how quantitative research provides a valuable contribution to the development of evidence-based health and social care.

You should consider the following themes in your writing:

What is meant by evidence-based practice?
What is quantitative research?
Ontologically speaking, what research paradigm(s) are associated with quantitative research?
What types of data-collection methods are used and why?
What are the advantages/disadvantages of the quantitative approach?
This is a (maximum) 1500-word patch.

PATCH 4: With reference to the 1st three patches develop a research proposal to explore a current issue in health or social care which has relevance to your workplace (to include a rationale for the chosen topic area).

This will be on the subject of critical appraisal. As you can gather from the word allocation, this section requires a little more content than the previous patches. In this final patch, you must:
Identify the topic area and provide a rationale for choice of topic with reference to policy (as a tip, this section should use approx. 750 words).
Justify your choice of methodology: quantitative or qualitative?
Decide upon, and rationalise, an appropriate method of data collection.
Explain your sampling strategy: who, what and where, how many? Bear in mind the inclusion/exclusion criteria.
Scrutinise any ethical issues that are specific to your intended research.
Articulate (explicitly) and justify the proposed method of data analysis.
Explain how you will ensure research rigour, validity/reliability, or trustworthiness.
This will be a (maximum) 2000 word patch.
Instruction files

research_methods_patch_work.docx(31,33 KiB)
lecture_notes_on_ethics_in_research.docx(36,86 KiB)
lecture_notes_on_introduction_to_research_methods.docx(30,99 KiB)
lecture_notes_on_qualitative_research.docx(306,74 KiB)
qualitative_reseach_gelling.pdf(290,00 KiB)

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