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Discussion 2: Partnerships with Stakeholders
Much of the school counselors work involves addressing the academic success and developmental needs of every student. This includes students with needs such as learning disabilities, family issues, and emotional and social difficulties. There might be a time when you will work with a student with special needs. Accommodating the students needs and the needs of his or her family might be a challenge. How might you cultivate and maintain a positive collaborative relationship with your student and the family? How might you establish a partnership with other school personnel or stakeholders to meet the needs of your student?
In an effort to reinforce student academic success, a school counselor takes initiatives and assumes a leadership role to collaborative with students, parents, school staff, and other stakeholders. Families have ideas about ways educators, counselors, and other stakeholders can support the success of their children. It is often effective to consult and collaborate with your students and involved stakeholders to achieve the overall success of every student.
For this Discussion, you examine the case studies in the folders in the counselors office at the Walden School in this weeks media, Student Case Study. Select one student and think about the presenting problems. Consider collaborating with the students family and other stakeholders to address the needs of the student.

Write a brief description of the student you selected and the presenting problem. Identify stakeholder(s) with whom you might collaborate/consult to enhance the students overall achievement. Justify your selection. Explain how you would collaborate with the relevant stakeholders to enhance the students academic, career, and personal/social development. Provide your rationale.

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