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1rst Topc: (2 pages with references please)

After reading the article Washington State Legislature Considers Restricting Food in School Vending Machines, write a one to two page summary of the issue it is addressing. Do you think this kind of topic should be of concern to the governors of the states, a matter for federal authorities, or maybe of no concern to any elected officials?
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2nd Topic: (2 pages please and 3-4 references)
In reading the online article Critical Issues in State-Local Fiscal Policy, Part 1: Sorting out State and Local Responsibilities, make note of issues that have arisen in the state/federal government debate. Write a one to two page summary of the article, and discuss points of controversy that you were not aware of in the state/federal government situation. ( Please refer to State and localities and add major information to support title)

3rd Topic: (2 pages please and references)
What is your opinion as to the sovereignty issues surrounding Indian tribes? Write a short article indicating how some of these questions should be resolved. For instance, should Indian tribes have an embassy in Washington, D.C?

Please separate each topic

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