Assignment, Philosophy

1) What value-theories does each presidential candidate display during the debate that best describe their position?
(2) Which candidate displays the best sense of reality (metaphysical) and purpose as a commander in chief in your view?

(3) Which candidate, in your view, displays the best knowledge (epistemological) on most issues during the debate

4. The Allegory of the Cave In your view, what is Plato\\\”s reason for this dialogue?
5. The Allegory of the Cave How does this dialogue help you today?

6)Each student is required to post a brief bio about themselves.

Here are the informations my biol



Country: Liberia
Work: Hospice I love my job cuz it help me appreciated life more. seeing my age mate dying in work environment make to to be grateful for very breath I take .

IM very family oriented my family mean the world to me. without the help of my family wont where I am today

Goals :to finish with school n help with my country

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