write one page personal statement describing the reasons yous academic performance has suffered and pass placed you at Academic Dismissal. Address both your past and present situations and the action you plan on taking to improve your academic performance

you taking this class on summer time just 5 weeks for this class, and you have a little baby for take care, so the home work to many you need point out all that happen make your academic suffered and placed you at Academic Dismissal. Finally you need address both your past and present situation and the action you plan on taking to improve your academic performance.

Open essay topic (Interested in a topic on Darfur, and whether Canadian troops should be deployed)

Class: International Relations (Political Science) Topic: Open essay topic (Interested in a topic on Darfur, and whether Canadian troops should be deployed) Course Text: International Relations “Second Canadian Edition” Joshua S. Goldstein; Jon C. Pevehouse; Sandra Whitworth. listed below are my instructions of the term paper: Type of Essay 1. Determine the type of essay on which you will base your writing. The three major ones are analytical, expository, and argumentative. An analytical paper breaks apart a complicated issue and evaluates it. An expository or explanatory paper describes a phenomenon or issue to the audience. Finally, an argumentative essay paper makes a claim about some topic and then persuades the audience through evidence provided. Thesis Development 2. Develop your thesis for the paper that you will be writing. All paper and essay writing guidelines are similar in that you are making a statement about some issue and introducing briefly what will be discussed throughout the rest of the paper. Depending on how much research you have to do, the thesis may need to change over time to reflect new data or information learned. Overall, a thesis for your essay or paper should be specific, concise, and simple for readers to understand, yet thorough enough to explain your stance. Most essay writing guidelines dictate that the thesis be positioned at the end of the first paragraph, but that may change depending on the type of writing and your particular style. The Body 3. Writing the body of the paper is essentially the structural integrity of your whole paper or essay. All the factual and anecdotal evidence, opinions, and research that you have done should be included in a clear, organized fashion. Each paragraph needs to have a topic sentence that introduces the specific point, piece of evidence, or opinion. Following the topic sentence, cited evidence or persuasive arguments need to be written, depending on the type of essay or paper. Paragraph Ordering 4. Paragraphs for essays and papers need to be ordered in a clear manner in all types of writing. For argumentative essays, the strongest argument should be presented last, leaving the reader with the strongest impression so that they may be persuaded to your side; the weakest argument should be place in the middle with a stronger argument being presented first. For expository and analytical writing, the order in which body paragraphs are positioned depends on what is stated in your thesis and in order that makes sense only to the issue that you are explaining or analyzing. Closing 5. Writing the closing paragraph of your article is perhaps one of the most important parts of all essay writing guidelines, since you want to leave your reader with a clear impression of your stance, the issue, and any evidence that is involved. Closing paragraphs should briefly restate what you set out to accomplish (your thesis argument) and briefly restate the strongest evidence and arguments which you have already written. The closing paragraph should also address any issues left unanswered and state a conclusion based on all the preceding evidence. Citations 6. Citations are an important part of all essay writing guidelines. You want to be sure to present information from all your researched sources, being cautious not to plagiarize. There are several guidelines for citing your resources both in-text and in a reference section at the end of your paper. The major styles that you will use in college and beyond include those of the APA (American Psychological Association), MLA (Modern Language Association), and Chicago Citation styles. I would prefer a 1600 word, MLS style paper with at least 6 citations. There is flexibility with the topic, so feel free to do as you please. This paper is worth 20% of my grade. So if there are any questions please contact me!

etiquette of volleyball

Would you expect volleyball to have much etiquette considering where it has developed from historically? I need a one page paper typed on the question mention above which is: Would you expect volleyball to have much etiquette considering where it has developed from historically?

What current conflicts exist concerning the strength of the presidency and how do these relate to concerns about presidential power expressed during the founding era?

The founders of the country were a bit nervous about the existence of an executive branch on the national level and the office of the presidency specifically. Debates existed concerning how much power the office should hold, and how likely some future occupant would attempt to turn the office into a monarchy. This issue is currently contentious especially since the Bush Administration has claimed powers that previous presidents have not. Read the following papers: Federalist #67 and its response in the Anti-Federalist #67. Also read up on John Yoo, a recent Bush Administration counselor who has developed theories supporting what is becoming know as the unitary executive. What current conflicts exist concerning the strength of the presidency and how do these relate to concerns about presidential power expressed during the founding era?

The Fescoes of Diego Rivera

Why did the Mexican government sponsor Rivera and other artists after the Revolution? What type of painting did Rivera do in terms of subject matter, style, media and location? Why did he make those choices? What did Rivera feel was the purpose of art? How is Rivera’s painting related to modernist enthusiasm for science and technology?


General Problem Public libraries are community social venues within the community that provide spaces to accommodate for events and become crucial resource of information literacy, books , and other library materials, free computer internet access , homework help and touring, ESL , learning centers, programs and activities, community meeting and exhibition , and much more services fulfill community needs (Bolan, 2008). However, public libraries like any other public funded organization always subject to budged reduction. Hence, implementing technologies will fill out the gap created by the budget alteration. However, compared to the private sector, public libraries are always behind when it comes to implementing new technologies (Mohamed & Walczyk, 2009) Problem Statement In retail businesses, services are always consumer-centered. To enhance the customer service, business owners (a) accelerate the check out process through self checkout machines, (b) make it possible for customers to browse the entire store searching for the needed products from home through online store catalog, (c) allow customers to create personal accounts and register as store users to be part of the store social network, and (d) search for products in the store and check prices through (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification self check. In order to accomplish this, retailers always search and implement new technologies. In public libraries, technology is also an important facet of the institution. Technology increases the accessibility of library items and resources through online cataloging, speed the check in and checkout procedures, and help keep the library open by using technology to replace the staff during budget cuts. However, regardless of the benefits of technology, public libraries usually implement technologies later than any retailer. Library services require significant investment in technology in order to provide access to knowledge collections required by today’s knowledge requirements. While the demand for technology requires significant investment in order to stay current with technological innovations, library funding for leading edge technological support remains slow. At best, libraries are known to be fast followers (Porter, 1989). To be a fast follower means that library organizations as a whole adopt technology which is tried and true, following the use and implementation strategies of other areas of industry. Hence, the study will investigate the reasons behind the delay in implementing technologies in the public libraries of New York City. The problem is that public libraries in NYC are not able to stay current with implementation of the newest technologies to facilitate library efficiency and good customer services Befor you start I need to attached the school check list to follow. thank you.