General Problem Public libraries are community social venues within the community that provide spaces to accommodate for events and become crucial resource of information literacy, books , and other library materials, free computer internet access , homework help and touring, ESL , learning centers, programs and activities, community meeting and exhibition , and much more services fulfill community needs (Bolan, 2008). However, public libraries like any other public funded organization always subject to budged reduction. Hence, implementing technologies will fill out the gap created by the budget alteration. However, compared to the private sector, public libraries are always behind when it comes to implementing new technologies (Mohamed & Walczyk, 2009) Problem Statement In retail businesses, services are always consumer-centered. To enhance the customer service, business owners (a) accelerate the check out process through self checkout machines, (b) make it possible for customers to browse the entire store searching for the needed products from home through online store catalog, (c) allow customers to create personal accounts and register as store users to be part of the store social network, and (d) search for products in the store and check prices through (RFID) Radio Frequency Identification self check. In order to accomplish this, retailers always search and implement new technologies. In public libraries, technology is also an important facet of the institution. Technology increases the accessibility of library items and resources through online cataloging, speed the check in and checkout procedures, and help keep the library open by using technology to replace the staff during budget cuts. However, regardless of the benefits of technology, public libraries usually implement technologies later than any retailer. Library services require significant investment in technology in order to provide access to knowledge collections required by today’s knowledge requirements. While the demand for technology requires significant investment in order to stay current with technological innovations, library funding for leading edge technological support remains slow. At best, libraries are known to be fast followers (Porter, 1989). To be a fast follower means that library organizations as a whole adopt technology which is tried and true, following the use and implementation strategies of other areas of industry. Hence, the study will investigate the reasons behind the delay in implementing technologies in the public libraries of New York City. The problem is that public libraries in NYC are not able to stay current with implementation of the newest technologies to facilitate library efficiency and good customer services Befor you start I need to attached the school check list to follow. thank you.

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