Behavior Genetics

Review: Full, Anonymous: NoChapter 2 Written AssignmentPaper Format: Your papers must be 2 full pages and double spaced with a 12-point font. Please be sure your paper is organized in a manner that will allow me to easily identify each part of the assignment you are addressing!! Use the format outline below when completing this assignment!!Resources: You MUST include at least 2 resources, other than your texbook, to complete this assignment. Please AVOID using textbooks as resources!! This is a fact based/research based paper so be sure to use your resources well!!APA Format: You must use the APA format for all written assignments. Be sure to include a works cited page with your paper as well. ANY resource or resources you use MUST be included in your works cited page. Also, please be aware that you MUST cite ALL information in your paper that comes from any source, including your textbook. That means if you use ideas, reword the information or use direct quotes from the information you gather you MUST cite them. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you need some assistance you should refer to the APA document and sample paper in the course information area or click on the APA document link in this sentence. If you do not follow the above instructions you may receive a 0 on your paper. It is VERY important to document all of your information properly and to give credit where credit is due.Submitting Papers: Use a word processing program to write your paper (preferably Microsoft Word). If you do not have Word you must save the paper as an rtf document. See the course information area for instructions on how to save your document as an rtf file or click the link in this sentence. Once you have done this you may click on the attachment button at the bottom of your assignment page, browse to find your paper and then attach it. Don’t forget to write your topic in the topic box. You cannot paste your paper on the assignment page you must submit it as an attachment. Unfortunately the program we use for this class will not allow us to delete the past instructions listed below.Paper Topic: Behavior GeneticsInstructions: Thoroughly explain the the following. Be sure to number each response.1. Explain what behavior genetics is.2. Discuss the type of research behavior geneticists do?3. Explain the purpose of their research.4. Give an example of current research in behavior genetics. Briefly describe.5. Give an example of past research in behavior genetics. Briefly describe.

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