Bias in the Media

After reviewing the chapter on arguing a position, learners should be thinking about a topic that you would like to write about. I would encourage you to steer clear from the major topics that are tried and true and overused. Find something that is of personal significance to you and your family or your community. Topics that some of my students have written about recently are drug testing at a students place of employment, the priesthood of women in the Mormon church, and a certain stance on a bond issue in a students home county. I would enjoy reading something that you are personally interested in rather than some of the issues that are constantly debated. Issues like gun control, the legalization of marijuana, abortion, homeschooling, the affordable health care act, same sex marriage, etc. have really been over argued in the college composition courses. Writing about a unique topic and arguing your point well with adequate support will improve your grade.

Create an outline in preparation for writing the rough draft of your first essay. Please use the sample outline attached to this assignment as a guide for creating your outline. You need not limit yourself to 3 points. This is just a sample.

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