Biology Related Article Summary

Find and summarize a news
article about current biological topics
. Suitable topics could include diseases, new drug therapies, adverse
health effects of pesticide use, genetic disorders, etc. Please
check with me about the suitability of your article.
Acceptable journals and magazines include: Science, Science News, Natural History, Audubon, Popular Science,
American Scien
tist, Discover, Pacifi
c Science, Prevention, Health, T
ime and the daily news
paper to name a few.
The internet may be used if it is a legitimate published source posted on the internet (
published sources
will have issue or volume numbers, look for those). Avoid web pages of individuals or groups that are unfamiliar
to you.
Look for topics that contain complete articles, not a synopsis of a disease or disorder.
When you find your ar
ticle it
should be cu
rrent (2012
to present),
or print
(no original articles or
whole magazines please)
the article and staple it to
your summary
to be handed in together. Do not place the
paper in a binder or folder. No electronic papers will be accepted.
Read the article and then summarize the article, in your own words
. Changing a few words of the authors
original sentences will
not make the summary your own. It should be

spaced, have normal one

inch margins, and the font size should be similar to the type used in this
handout. On a
cover sheet
you should have the title of the article, the autho
r of the article, date of publication,
and source (journal title) of the article. The cover sheet should also have your name, the semeste
r (i.e., Spring
), and the class (i.e., General Biology). The original article should be wr
itten in English.

Points may be deducted for the following reasons:
Article subject is not appropriate to a biology class
about the planet Mars
or ethics or politics
Summary is too short or too lo
ng. Article isnt current. A copy of the article is not included, a cover sheet is not
included, and/or the article, summary, and cover sheet are not stapled together. Source of article is not a
published source, but rather is encyclopedic in nature or f
rom a groups website. The font is too large, the
margins are too large or you did not double

space the type. Your cover page isnt complete. Your summary fails
to convey the main point of your article or has lots of personal opinion included. Excessiv
e spelling or grammar
errors are especially bad, all computers now have spell checkers and grammar checkers, use them.

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