BMO Bank of Montreal

please check up the attachment for further materials.

"BMO Bank of Montreal"
Term project outline
Fundamental analysis

1.Introduction/ one page

2.Industry analysis:

a.Background-identify industry and key features/brief economic analysis.
b.Industry life-cycle orientation.
c.Observations/conclusions about industry.

3.Company analysis:

a.Company overview-mission, goals, and corporate strategy.
b.Earnings analysis:
I.Ration analysis.
II.Trend analysis > if they go up or down and support you idea where stock go for five years.

4.Intrinsic value forecasts:

a.Present value approach > dividend discount model.
b.P/E model approach > P/E rate approach.

5.Risk analysis: something will be infecting in current time cause that price will be change in future for two years.

6.Conclusion and recommendation on security: for example, told me buy stock ,sell stock or hold stock.

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