Book debrief : The Righteous Mind, Why good People are Divided by Jonathan Haidt

Imagine that you are a member of a campaign staff or consulting firm and that you\’ve been asked to read a book and report back to the rest of the staff The purpose of the brief will be to quickly and concisely summarize for others what you found of value in the book.The Righteous Mind, Why good People are Divided by Jonathan HaidtThere are two parts to this brief:(1) A one-page (400 word maximum) executive summary that briefly outlines:Who wrote the book and what qualifies them to write on the subject.The main argument(s) of the book.Useful lessons or insights from the book. You do not have to agree with the author. However, you must give their argument fair presentation.(2) A more detailed brief (1,500 word minimum).The brief should focus on material in the book that might be especially relevant to the campaign to the staff\’s understanding of election. The end result of this analysis should be a discussion that gives your reader an understanding of the key points in the book.

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